Property & Construction Solutions

The development of real estate and construction projects into successful, income-generative investment assets requires a skilled hand and tried-and-trusted expertise.

Our Project Management and property solutions services are designed to meet your needs, whether you hold a number of real estate investments or aspire to grow a portfolio of assets.

Our Investor Services include:

  • Project Management
  • Development Facilitation & Management
  • Construction Management
  • Retail Tenant Co-Ordination
  • Programme & Portfolio Management
  • Strategic Advisory & related services

We operate on both sides of the fence when it comes to real estate development and capital projects. This gives us a unique vantage point which enables us to see things from the perspective of the landlord or developer as well as the tenant. This positions us to spot the synergies that exist between service lines, to bring our knowledge and insights into play and to create solutions that ultimately lead to greater savings in costs and time for our clients.

Perhaps the greatest benefit that comes with a Profica partnership is the confidence and peace of mind our clients enjoy as a result of our unfailing commitment to ensuring the success of your project. Recognising that trust is built not through words but through deeds, our experts bring more than essential know-how and experience to the table.

As a valued Profica client, our Capital Project Investor Services division undertakes to both meet – and exceed – your expectations when it comes to:

  • Working with seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the capital projects space.
  • Ensuring that your real estate or construction project benefits from our renowned reliability.
  • Building a partnership that takes into account the unique attributes associated with your project, from the environmental context, to practical considerations, social implications and geo-political factors.
  • Putting a top-rated team, with a proven successful track-record across a variety of projects and regions, to work for you.
  • Embracing the opportunities inherent in working in a dynamic emerging market context.
  • Ensuring that we execute and deliver on time and to budget.

INVESTOR SERVICES: We solve for your needs

Project Management

Our Project Management approach hinges on providing effective and efficient solutions to your real estate or construction project, from inception to the successful handover of each project.

We take our responsibility as your agent and project leader seriously. This is why we commit to partnering with you effectively and working closely with you to ensure the successful completion of your projects.

Our range of responsibilities in this partnership commences at the inception of the project, the visioning stage, and progress through concept design, detailed design, tender and procurement, construction, and close-out.

They include the following areas of focus:

  • Communication and information
  • Project close-out and handover
  • Project execution planning
  • Time and deliverables management
  • Design management and buildability advice
  • Scenario planning
  • Risk analysis, mitigation and management
  • Value engineering
  • Contract administration
  • Project team co-ordination
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Change control management
Development Management

PROFICA’s Development Management expertise extends from the earlier stages of any project, from unzoned and unserviced land. Our service assists the client to define their vision for the project based on the physical and planning constraints identified.


This defines the ‘canvas’ from which successful developments can be delivered. Our end-to-end solution ensures that the early vision and baseline is seen through until the end, managing both the technical delivery as well as the revenue stream and planning for future operations. This includes due diligence investigations, compiling feasibility studies, and managing the regular financial reporting for property developments

Development Facilitation

Profica offers a Development Facilitation service to land owners (such as public authorities and large mixed-use precincts) in order to unlock value and enhance value to the land. This service covers all aspects to beneficiate land, from master planning to managing the town planning processes and site servicing approvals


The Development facilitation service allows the landowner to engage up the property development value chain at minimal cost and risk, to enhance the value of the property asset, and thereafter to capture that increased value.

Development Facilitation will:

  • Fully investigate and package development for the land to meet market demand.
  • Prepare the land to the stage that is “shovel ready” for development.
  • Secure and contract competent third-party developers for development at their own risk and cost.
  • Monitor the development to ensure compliance with contractual obligations
Construction Management

Construction Management is a superb vehicle for fast-tracking operations and for ensuring effective and efficient delivery.


By harnessing professional and specialised techniques, this service provides a flexible framework for dealing with unforeseen changes across the project timeline, from planning and design to construction and completion. This approach also provides notable cost savings across the lifecycle of any project.

By dopting a Construction Management approach, our clients are able to move ahead with projects earlier, since stages are contracted as works packages which are co-ordinated and managed by the Construction Manager. In practical terms this means that earthworks can commence while detailed design and tenders for the main building works are still being finalised. This approach unlocks considerable savings.

Profica provides all technical and administrative management services and expertise in order to effectively plan and manage the project to completion.

Retail Tenant Co-Ordination

Profica’s end-to-end Tenant Co-ordination service ensures that landlords benefit from timeous and accurate leasing, design and implementation protocols, as well as gaining essential insights and assessments based on the specific nature of each individual tenant’s premises.


We recognise that within any retail development there is a need for the integration and co[1]ordination of the landlord/developer’s base buildings specification with the specific requirements of each tenant. Our Tenant Co-ordination model takes the pressure off the landlord’s shoulders by offering an all-embracing solution that includes, but is not limited to, the streamlining and vetting of tenant information, designs and requirements.

Our offering is based on a tried-and-tested methodology while still being flexible enough to adapt to the specific needs of each individual project. This tailor-made approach spans not only particular project requirements but also the sensitivity and cultural alignment required when working in the various regions of the African continent

Programme & Portfolio Management

Profica provides programme and portfolio level services such as risk management, change management, time management and programme / portfolio level reporting.


A programme is a collection of projects related to some extent to a common objective. Programme Management is the effective management of that programme and provides the Client with a menu of professional services which integrates all required project activities into a comprehensive process of project definition and implementation and functions. Programme Management covers all aspects of the process including strategic planning, financing, concept and feasibility analysis, brief preparation, budgeting, risk analysis, procurement, design, construction, project completion, facility start up and ongoing operations and maintenance services. The specific needs of the Client and the project will determine the composition of the team’s organisation, expertise and the services required.

Portfolio Management is the management of a number of projects that don’t share common objectives but are for one particular client or user.

Profica provides a holistic approach to Strategic Advisory services across the investor and occupier elements of the real estate and construction sectors. To ensure we provide the best solutions for our clients, we tap into our entrepreneurial history and the ingenuity of our people.


From development origination and master planning to the specific requirements of global and in-country investors, funders, developers, and asset managers, our teams combine their extensive experience across all regions and all sectors in which we operate to provide real value to our clients. This value extends beyond the build process and encompasses the lifecycle of various assets.

Our Strategic Advisory Services for investors, landlords, and developers covers

  • Lenders technical advisory
    (for acquisitions and developments)
  • technical due diligence
  • Building condition surveys
  • Site selection
  • Highest & best use studies
  • Scenario & investor strategy management
  • Feasibility management & planning
  • Bid management
  • Public-private partnership management

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