Property & Construction Solutions


Our core purpose to turn our client’s vision into reality with the best talent from diverse cultures, represents the type of people that are Proficans.

Our strength lies in the diversity of our people and the wealth of skills and experience all seamlessly connected into one united team that’s at the top of their game. This allows us the opportunity to see beyond the obvious to provide our clients with a unique solutions driven approach. Proficans foster a culture of leadership across all levels within our business.

We embody the principle that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our culture forms an integral part of who we are. Trust and honesty are at the core of our culture and these are the bedrocks for strong relationships.

Our people are obsessed with relationships.

We establish a special kind of professional vibe with our clients and project teams. A vibe that creates inclusion, innovation, and confidence in our abilities.

It is in the way we {think} Beyond the box with an open mind, {feel} and {act} engaging responsively with rigour, creating a trusting environment for our clients, that differentiates us.

Our core values are not just statements, its how we THINK – FEEL – ACT that makes the difference.


We’re looking for experienced construction and property professionals with international expertise and exposure to join our team.

Profica is constantly striving to improve performance and ensure excellence within its teams across Africa.

These professionals need to be self-starting technical specialists and excellent people managers able to manage diversity and complex teams with a similar work ethic and culture as the wider Profica team.

Current career opportunities are available across all levels of management, including Lead and Senior Project Managers, Projects Managers, Assistant/Junior Project Managers across East, West and Southern Africa. Professional registration and qualifications are preferred.

Submit your application via the form or send your CV and references to