Creative workspaces, smarter workplaces

Open plan workspaces that foster the so often talked about subject on collaboration, have become the ‘gold standard’ of workplace design. This has been to essentially maximise the current use of space and to ensure the open flow of communication between management, teams and employees. Practically, however, there has often been a disconnect between vision and reality.

This ‘unique concept’ is regularly taken advantage of by workplace design specialists or C-level management who wish to outdo the space utilization and cost-savings exercise; in other words, to fit as many desks into one possible work area.

However, transforming the workplace is key for business survival. Innovation depends on people and a company is only as good as the talent it can attract and retain.

Profica’s Design & Build offering, a now thriving service in partnership with Cushman & Wakefield Excellerate’s Occupier Services division, includes workplace solutions that meet a company’s business objectives, while simultaneously taking cognisance of the practicalities for employees operating in these workplace environments.

Profica ensures that our Design & Build offering, and Workplace Solutions are created to deliver dynamic working environments and insights, ultimately driving better workplace performance, productivity and profitability.

As we know by now, health is an important factor in optimizing performance at work. It is becoming a top priority in workplace design with ideas such as biophilic design (similar to green design, but incorporating more natural materials, light, plants and views into the working environment), sit-stand desks, food & nourishment, wellness programs, WELL Building Standard certifications (a focus on the actual operational performance of the building that impacts human health and wellness), and HR leadership taking a more active role in workplace design.

The Space Planning & Interior Design aspect, integral to this offering, ensures that the workspace is attractive, conducive to the required work atmosphere and healthy for employees that must spend the better part of their day in the office environment.

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