Disruption at SAPOA

Project Manager at Profica, Kutlwano Rasodi, weighs in on SAPOA 2017, the South African Property Owners Association annual convention held in Cape Town.

“The theme of ‘Disruption’ broadened the knowledge base of all attendees and provided an opportunity to explore the innovations in disruptive technology in real estate. A strong take-away is that the property industry should become more intentionally people-centred. We are now beyond the age of ‘build it and they will come’. People desire buildings and developments that are strongly attuned to their movements, habits and convenience. This is where mixed-use developments come to the fore.

Opportunities also exist in developing affordable housing to meet demand, and finding ways to partner with government to bring such to market. Local conditions are spurring expansion strategies beyond SA into other areas of Africa and Eastern Europe.

Profica is well-positioned to respond to all these opportunities given the company’s strong mixed-use capability; residential experience in providing quality, first-time housing solutions; in-country presence in Francophone and other African countries; and burgeoning portfolio in Eastern Europe.”

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