Going places with Profica

In 2014, an eager second-year undergraduate, Hiral Narayan, took part in Profica’s holiday programme to gain some industry exposure. Now, five years later, he has flown to Mauritius to join the Profica team there as a fully-fledged Project Manager.

Little did he know in 2014 that his association with Profica would develop into a learning opportunity affording him the opportunity to work on mega-developments, such as the iconic Capital on the Park, and learn from mentors with decades of industry experience.

Following his brief stint on Profica’s vacation programme in 2014, Hiral returned the following year to take part in it yet again. Shortly thereafter, Profica offered to sponsor some of his tuition costs to enable him to complete his degree, as well as that of vacation intern Mukesh Govind. Upon graduation, Hiral and Mukesh joined Profica as Assistant Project Managers, both mentored by highly experienced professionals. As APMs they were able to become actively involved in major developments; Mukesh on the Stella Precinct and Hiral on Capital on the Park. Mukesh continues to work at Profica’s head office in Johannesburg, while Hiral, now a project manager in his own right, has taken up his position in Mauritius. Well done to both of our stars who have proven themselves as talented and passionate team members at Profica.

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