One on one with Clotilde Eteme

It’s time to celebrate new female faces at Profica who have joined a group of skilled women trailblazing across the African continent. We chat to Project Manager and Tenant Co-ordinator Clotilde Eteme.

Tell us a bit more about what YOU bring to the Profica team?

My passion for project management, my 16 years of experience in IT project management and my thirst to complete projects with significant challenges.

This Women’s month what is your dream for women in your industry?

May we as women make our presence felt in this industry and grow in numbers to manage projects that positively and durably impact our environment.

How does Profica elevate the work and might of great women within the organisation?

Profica elevates women by giving them challenges and opportunities, regardless of their gender.

At no time during my recruitment did I feel that being a woman was any hindrance. It was the challenges to tackle, the skills needed and what both parties could bring to each other, Profica and myself, that guided the process.

What do you do as a woman to support other women in the industry?

As a woman, my conviction is that gender should not be used to exclude ourselves or to be discriminated by others. That’s why I committed myself as a PMI volunteer and see myself as a Project Management evangelist to share the good news with all women. To have an impact, I don’t hesitate to coach, mentor and train women project managers, those who dream to become project managers or even those who manage projects without knowing what project management is.

How has the landscape changed in recent years, making it easier for Profica women to thrive on the African continent?

I think the change come from women themselves, who understand that they can work in every profession and sector if they are ready for the sacrifices needed. Increasingly, many women succeed in managing family, work and other activities in parallel. For me, this is the main reason why we see more and more qualified women in the work market, ensuring that a company like Profica is well served with an expert and diverse workforce all over the continent. Profica women thrive on construction sites in Cameroon, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria… and we call the resulting projects our babies. That says everything!

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