One on one with Taryn Bateman

To celebrate Women’s Month, we’re showcasing just some of the fantastic fearless females we have at Profica. Let’s meet dynamic Taryn Bateman, a Project Administrator based in Durban.

Tell us a bit more about what YOU bring to the Profica team?

Given the nature of our work, it can often be challenging but also fun, and I enjoy being part of the Durban team. I’ve worked in various male dominated industries in the past twenty years, for example car sales back in the late 90s and now most recently within the building and construction industry. My ability to adapt to each person’s diversity and character is a positive aspect that I bring to the team.

What is your wish for women in this industry?

Having our own month dedicated to celebrating and empowering women shows how far we have come, especially in South Africa. And as it allows men to get the day off as well, they should be grateful to us! What I wish for every woman is to not miss out on opportunities to prove themselves and stand up and be counted. Embrace the opportunity to make a difference for your fellow women and for yourself.

Who have been role models for you in your career?

When I look back over the last twenty years of working, there are two women who have stood out above everyone else. They were my leaders at different stages of my career and became my role models. They helped mold me into who I am today, and I am eternally grateful to them for their support, guidance and patience.

How does Profica elevate the work and might of great women within the organisation?

Profica recognises the talent and potential of women in the construction Industry and that more and more women are taking on big roles and becoming Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors and Architects. We have every opportunity – equal – to be developed and upskilled as well as play a mentor role to other women inside and outside our company – it’s up to us to grasp that.

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