#AHIF Panel Discussion – hotel development

Profica joined a panel discussion at #AHIF sharing thoughts on the costs of developing hotels.

Chris Titmas, Profica Group Director, West Africa contributed to a dynamic debate which covered the following:

Project set-up is critical: Bringing operators on board late in the process causes changes and increased costs to meet brand standards. Setting up a project correctly at the beginning increases your ability to complete a project on time and within budget. Selecting the right team and detailed planning upfront irons out a number of major delivery issues. Complete design packages reduce the cost and time risk of delivery on hotels.

Hotel brands are adapting: Hotel brands are responding to delivery requirements by adapting their standards to particular regions.

Owner-developer lessons learnt: Put effort into the planning and ensure all design is completed before starting on site. The owner should also invest in an experienced team of consultants to deliver a quality product within predetermined framework. It is key to ensure that all the finances are in place before breaking ground on a project and important to allow sufficient time for testing and commissioning at the end of the construction phase.

Profica’s specialist teams across Africa and beyond the African continent bring the energy and experience that enables successful completion of hotel projects, resulting in satisfied, repeat clients.

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