Dedicated Dolapo – our wonderwoman in the West

Dedication and commitment categorize Dolapo Aiyegoro, project manager in West Africa whose role includes monitoring and controlling construction projects from initiation to close-out. She believes women have natural skills required to make a success of projects and would like to see more women making decisions at the top. Occupier Services lead and Project Manager Damilola Ilesanmi interviewed Dolapo for Women’s Month.

Dolapo, what’s your favourite part of working at Profica?
I’ve been with Profica for almost five years and what stands out is the culture. It’s a diverse group of different individuals from different countries and people are so open and honest. The focus is on satisfying the client and creating solutions that work. Also, the management style is good, no one is micromanaging you, you can explore your own creativity and you are allowed to think independently. That for me inspires growth and I enjoy working at Profica because of this.

I agree with you – that’s why we are like we are at Profica.
How did you get into the construction industry?
I started off as a Civil Engineer and didn’t enjoy it, but I knew that I wanted stay in the construction industry. I’m naturally a planner, I like to organize and put things together. My family suggested Project Management. I researched it, completed another Masters degree and various certification courses – and here we are!

You’re definitely on top of your game.
What would you say your key strengths are?
Dedication, commitment and attention to detail. I like to strive for excellence. I’m very big on being the best, being a leader, taking charge and making sure things go well. Being ‘switched on’, as we say it in Profica.

Yes, those are the Profica words! What would you say your biggest career success is?
Most recently – I’ve been closing out a seven-floor office building and I’ve been the project manager of from inception in February 2018 until now. We’re already in the process of obtaining tenants for the building. It’s very rewarding to see a project come to life and it’s been a big achievement for me.

What inspires you?
I’m big on growth, development, excellence and adding value. I don’t believe you should be in a place if you’re not making it better. That’s what inspires me.

What do you believe you’re good at outside of work?
Outside of work I enjoy reading books and spending time with my family – I’m good at keeping in touch on the phone!

That’s very important, some level of balance between work and family.
To wrap up, what are the changes you’d like to see in the industry in the next ten years?
I would like to see more women in the industry. It’s a very male-dominated industry and I do feel that women have the natural skills to take on projects and to lead, so why not have more women involved, and more women at the top and making decisions. In terms of the industry as a whole, I think that technology has come to stay and the construction industry needs to catch up with other industries who truly leverage the advantages of technology to improve their processes.

I totally agree. We’ve come to the end of our session – thank you Dolapo for all your hard work – please keep being the dedicated Profican that you are.

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