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One on One Feature: Meet Philippe Davis – Cameroon’s Profica lead.

Meet Philippe Davis

Cameroon’s Profica lead.

He tells us more about the work going on the in region and how Profica is growing it’s brand through projects on the ground.

Tell us a little more about your career path and what energies and expertise you bring to the Profica team?

My career started in the USA and quickly focused on international projects including an airport in Baghdad, six hospitals in Iraq, government funded housing projects in Singapore and Algeria. Following I worked in France and Europe for 8 years as a client representative for 2 international restaurant chains. Vietnam was my next move where I managed the construction of a luxurious residence compound, the development of a tile factory and the construction of the first mall in South Vietnam. Then my career took me back to the United States where I managed development programs and then worked as a developer/general contractor. My experience also includes 3 years in India as the technical director for a real estate investment firm, 1 year in France as the Project manager on a Rugby Stadium and 6 years in DR Congo as the technical director for a large group.

I strongly believe I can bring Profica my expertise in international projects. As a dual citizen my knowledge of French and English should help Profica expend into francophone countries. Not only my technical knowledge in different construction standards but my understanding and adaptation to multi-cultural environment will support Profica’s development.

What does the region you lead hold for a player like Profica?

Today, I represent Profica in Cameroon. As a bilingual country, Cameroon is a great stepping stone to the rest of the Francophone countries in Africa. One third of all Africans speak French and this figure keeps increasing. Many French and international keys companies running businesses are represented in Cameroon. They represent a great source for our future clients in Africa.

Take us through the projects now on the go in the region – how is Profica being met with in this environment ?

The construction and building sector is extremely broad. Today the government is investing in a lot of infrastructure projects, roads and bridges. This will boost the private developments. Today there are already a great number of hotels being built, offices and other types of buildings will follow and Profica will benefit from good references when its growth will be at its peak.

Profica’s footprint in Africa has grown over the years – what in your mind is next level for Profica and the industry at large ?

Profica will continue its growth in Africa. Soon, it will be able to serve any client in any African countries. It will also strengthen its presence in countries where Profica is already represented.

Once well established and benefiting from a great reputation, Profica will also widen the scope of services to keep his key partners to run their businesses with success

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