One on one with Dolapo Aiyegoro

Dolapo Aiyegoro, a Project Manager within Profica’s Nigerian team, is another of our sterling ladies who we interviewed for our Women’s Month series. Dolapo is a qualified civil engineer which means that from the get-go she has been working alongside colleagues who have been predominantly male. She takes this in her stride.

Tell us a bit more about what YOU bring to the Profica team?

The combination of my civil engineering and project management qualifications and backgrounds enable me to bring a unique holistic insight to each project. From a technical perspective I am able to understand the rationale behind the design team’s approach and speak their language. At the same time, I’m able to keep in mind the key project management knowledge areas. This enables me to provide an efficient project management service.

As the only female Project Manager on the Nigerian team, I enjoy bringing a different perspective to the team. The culture here at Profica is very inclusive and I have never felt like I needed to ‘shout’ to be heard.

I am dedicated to my profession and strive for excellence. At Profica we call it being ‘switched on’ and I’m flattered that our cross-country teams have complimented me on my ‘switched on’ attitude.

This Women’s month what is your dream for women in your industry?

My dream is to see more women in the construction industry. I think that many women shy away from the industry because of the perception that a lot of time is spent onsite having to wear uncomfortable hard hats and boots. However, the reality is that this only accounts for about 10% of the job and the other 90% involve skill sets that arguably come more naturally to women such as multi-tasking and using interpersonal skills that are needed to manage diverse stakeholders. I am sure our male counterparts would admit that women in the industry are thriving and making a great impact.

How does Profica elevate the work and might of great women within the organisation?

Profica understands that the success of our company depends greatly on the people. This means that the focus is on individual growth and development. Our leaders are very approachable and offer mentorship through regular performance check-ins. We are encouraged to collaborate and learn from each other cross country. The internal systems are designed to ensure there is a repository of knowledge and experience to harness. This type of culture creates an enabling environment in which women can thrive. We feel valued, motivated to achieve more and develop in our careers.

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