One on one with Miranda Smous

As we near the end of Profica’s Women’s Month series, we chat to accountant at head office, Miranda Smous. This ‘fearless female’ hails from the defence force, no less, and brings with her a gritty determination and strong work ethic.

Tell us a bit more about what YOU bring to the Profica team?

Coming from the defence force I believe that I have discipline and a “can-do attitude” which I hope shows in my work ethic. My background has taught me that to succeed in what you do requires confidence in making decisions, which should come from clear and structured thinking. I get a sense of accomplishment in getting the job done, but I also like to connect with my fellow team members.

This Women’s month what is your dream for women in your industry?

My dream is for women to know and believe that they can achieve anything they set their minds to. My hope is that women should not lose sight of their femininity because that is what makes us unique and that’s where our power lies. When I look at all the women that I work with at Profica, I totally believe we are all on the right path. I like to think of my female colleagues as PMs in heels! J

How does Profica elevate the work and might of great women within the organisation?

Profica encourages personal development and provides an environment where everybody is seen as having the potential to grow and to learn. One of our core values which says it all is: knowledge sharing and teamwork. I always say “Profica is what you make of it, the world is your oyster here”.

What I love the most is that as a working mom I have never felt that I had to choose between being a mom and a career woman. Profica gives me the platform to juggle both and I am grateful for that, because that’s not something you find everywhere.

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