One on One with Hazel Chigumira

The common threads running through the stories of some of Profica’s amazing women during our Women’s Month series, has been their ability to instrinsically understand the big picture, be it in major projects or administrative functions, and being willing and able to hit the ground running. One such team member is Project Manager Hazel Chigumira who combines her insight and skills in her drive to deliver excellence

Tell us a bit more about what YOU bring to the Profica team?

As a trained architect now turned Project Manager, I bring to Profica a holistic knowledge of the built environment. My architectural training enables me to know and be able to manage the deliverables of my project teams efficiently. As Hazel, I bring to Profica my ‘can do attitude’ which allows me to always see to the success of my projects without backing down to any pressures that invariably come with projects on a day-to-day basis.

This Women’s month what is your dream for women in your industry?

My dream for women in the industry this Women’s month is to support each other and cheer one another on. Being a male dominated industry the peer support of women is crucial, especially in encouraging more young girls to aspire to joining the industry.

I feel that as women our unique ability to multi-task provides invaluable assets to the property and built environment industry. Beyond our particular industry, my hope for women is for them to unapologetically chase their dreams, smash those glass ceilings and never be afraid to challenge the status quo!

How does Profica support women within the organisation ?

Profica ‘bamily’ (business family) culture is such an enabling environment for women to perform at their best. As a single mom, Profica has not only supported me in attending to my child’s needs when ‘life happens’ but has also given me the space to better myself by allowing me to study and complete my MBA. Our CEO subscribes to the notion of peer learning and continuous development of individuals and in this regard, Profica enables peer mentorship across all genders, which is beneficial for us women who usually find it hard to get mentors in the industry. Profica allows you to always place your best foot forward and gives us as women a platform to perform without limits in our own feminine way!

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