Profica appointed at The Fynbos in Cape Town

The first biophilic development in Africa has been launched and will see a 24-storey living, breathing, mixed-use building emerge in Cape Town’s CBD. 

Profica is proud to be the appointed project managers for this forward thinking developer, says Profica CEO Tim White.  “It is great to see that vital sustainability principles are being integrated from the outset, harnessing the expertise of leaders in their fields including botanists, architects, engineers and sustainability experts. The design of this exceptional development brings together nature and the built environment.”

This first-of-its-kind building, situated at 142 Bree Street, will feature 689 apartments, and includes a rooftop sunset terrace with lap pool and co-working space, a rooftop fitness centre, as well as a ground-floor plant-based restaurant, a tearoom, and a botanical bar.

Biophilic design is an approach to architecture that looks to connect building occupants more closely to nature. Biophilic buildings incorporate things like natural lighting and ventilation, natural landscape features and other elements to create a more productive and healthier built environment. Technical detailing is based on lessons from international precedent and biophilic research.

Climate control at The Fynbos, designed by architects TwentyEightZeroTwo, will be provided by natural layers, with exterior plantings having a cooling effect to provide shade and screening.

Water efficiency will be improved through low-flow fittings, well-point filtration, and a sophisticated rainwater harvesting system is integrated into the unique cantilevered and staggered balcony design.

Integrated PV solar panels will generate double the electricity quota needed to power the common areas, minimising fossil fuel consumption, and a central heated water system allows for economies of scale and avoids individual geysers. 

One of the most exceptional sustainable design features at The Fynbos is its exterior, which is draped in a 1200m2 vertical garden made up of 30 species of indigenous trees and 20 species of shrub. The pioneering garden system at The Fynbos was meticulously designed and executed by a specialist team of technical botanists headed up by Donovan Gillman of Urban Choreography, who has over 45 years’ experience with growing plants in difficult locations across Africa.

Gillman explains that a specific configuration of vegetation and a highly technical water and nutrient system, which will monitor growth through automated root scanners, as well as monitored water content and drainage, will be supported by “flying” gardeners who will manage maintenance externally.

The Fynbos is currently in the process of achieving Green Star certification from the Green Building Council. “Profica has experience in working on a number of Green Star certified buildings. We look forward to partnering with the teams to make this vision a reality and redefine inner-city living.”

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