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Profica project Owerri Mall launches in Nigeria

Owerri Mall, a pioneer retail shopping experience in Owerri State, Nigeria, was opened on the 17th March 2016 by developer Resilient Africa.
Profica, the industry-leading property and construction solutions company, provided tenant co-ordination services for the mall.

“We celebrate alongside the Resilient Africa team and offer our congratulations to the team and all other involved parties on the successful launch of this international standard retail centre,” says Profica Lead Tenant Co-ordinator, Lauren Marshall.

The Profica Tenant Coordination Team, under the leadership of Marshall, delivered an end-to-end Tenant Coordination solution. “The tenant mix within the mall includes fashion, accessories, telecommunications, health and beauty retailers as well as restaurants, fast food services and entertainment, providing a wide range of choice to the Owerri market,” says Marshall. “Owerri Mall has a masterplan that accommodates future expansion possibilities in reaction to market needs.”

Marshall explains that the Tenant Coordination service delivery, as a specialisation within the Profica property solutions offering, has been developed to align the needs and vision of developers with those of retailers. The result is a mutually beneficial relationship from the outset for both tenant and landlord. “We value the importance of our clients’ relationship with their tenants and we ensure that the process from inception to trade runs smoothly for all parties involved.”

Profica offers strong service capability throughout Africa, with teams throughout the continent working across the retail, commercial, recreational and industrial property sectors. The company has permanent offices in Johannesburg, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya and continues to successfully deliver on numerous projects within West Africa.

“The Profica philosophy is to offer localised solutions and insight into the region through the use and development of local resources. Specifically chosen team members are appointed to deliver individual projects based on the unique needs and objectives of a project,” says Marshall. “Our local knowledge, company culture and investment in the right people, processes, and technology continues to get the best results for our clients. We look forward to delivering further projects in Nigeria and throughout the African continent.”

Photograph: Owerri Mall opening

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