Workplace Solutions: Spotlight on Fatima Kone in Ivory Coast

We’re celebrating Profica’s talented team making strides in Workplace Solutions across Africa. It’s a privilege to spotlight Profica’s Workplace Solutions lead in the Ivory Coast – Fatima Kone.

Fatima joined Profica early this year and has since immersed herself in various key projects and tenders. Currently, she is working on the completion of the Novotel Hotel and the Adagio Hotel in Abidjan. Profica was recently appointed as the Cost and Project Manager for a project for one of the world’s largest commercial banks  in Ivory Coast, a project in which she will play a key role. 

When asked about trends in workplace design, Fatima noted a significant shift towards energy-saving, “green” designs, particularly among international companies. This trend aligns with the global movement towards sustainability and responsible resource use, highlighting the need for innovative and environmentally friendly solutions in the workplace.

When it comes to regional observations, Fatima pointed out the growing alignment with international standards over local standards, which are historically based on French standards. “Real estate developers in Ivory Coast are now prioritising international standards, going above and beyond to accommodate the needs of international companies. This shift signifies a broader transformation within the industry and opens up new opportunities for growth and development,” she says.

However, like any evolving industry, there are challenges. Fatima notes the availability of general contractors in the region, material availability, and timeline risks associated with imports as some of the hurdles faced in her work. Through navigating these challenges, Fatima and her team demonstrate their resilience and expertise.

What sets Profica apart, according to Fatima, is its ability to provide turnkey solutions. “In a market where no local company offers this level of service, Profica stands out for its expertise, experience, and commitment to providing clients with a single point of contact for their projects.”

Looking ahead, Fatima sees a bright future for Profica in Ivory Coast. With the number of opportunities rapidly increasing, she believes it is the perfect time for Profica to continue building a strong presence in the country.

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