Profica celebrates another Diamond Arrow Award

It’s a landmark year for leading construction and property solutions company Profica as the company marks it’s fifteenth anniversary and celebrates receiving another Diamond Arrow Award, rating Profica number one in South Africa in the Construction Project Management category of the PMR.africa Excellence Awards..

“We’re humbled and grateful to be the highest rated construction project manager in South Africa for the seventh time in eleven years, as voted for by our industry peers, partners, clients and colleagues,” says Tim White, Profica Group CEO. “In a truly challenging year, Profica’s values, relationships, skills, experience have been more important than ever. This award shows that our team’s dedication to turning our clients vision into reality shines through. We thank everyone for their support.”

White says the award is testimony to Profica’s culture of excellence and determination to hire the best talent. “Each member of our team upholds our values and reputation in every region in which we operate. This award is a solid endorsement of how our teams work, deliver and support our clients across Africa. I’m really proud that we continue to earn the top spot and that our teams are recognised in this meaningful way.”

The PMR.africa awards are based on interviews conducted from November 2020 to January 2021 with a national sample of 120 respondents including architects, construction companies, consulting engineers, property developers and quantity surveyors. 

Project managers were rated in the following key areas:


  • Ability to effectively manage meetings, prepare high quality minutes and manage follow-up.
  • Ability to establish and manage clear lines of communication for all levels in the project.


  • Ability to understand the commercial viability requirements for the project.
  • Overall effectiveness in bringing projects to finality within budget or agreed extras.

Integration management:

  • Ability to pull the whole project together and manage all aspects in a coordinated way.
  • Ethical business practices. 


  • Overall rating as an effective project manager that can get good results in a manner than earns respect and credibility.
  • Reputation (i.e. perception of the company’s brand, integrity, CSI).


  • Ability to administer contracts and deal with associated contractual communication.
  • Ability to advise the client regarding negotiations and appointments of the professional team.
  • Knowledge of the standard contract systems used for most projects.


  • Ability and insight to identify key risk issues and mitigate these by good planning and management.
  • Understanding of liability and insurance matters.
  • Understanding of the broader development process including rezoning, approval by the authorities and managing the associated risks.


  • Ability to deal effectively with construction quality issues that arise.
  • Ability to lead the team in seeking value-for-money alternatives in keeping with the overall affordable costs.
  • Ability to manage the design team to produce designs that meet the client requirements.
  • Ability to manage the process of defining and understanding the client requirements as these evolve during the project.
  • Contractual knowledge.
  • Technical knowledge.
  • Overall professionalism and integrity of the project manager.

Team development:

  • Ability to rapidly get the team going in a positive way at the start of a project including defining and clarifying roles.
  • Leadership.
  • Maintaining a positive team spirit.
  • Overall effectiveness in managing conflicts that may occur during the project to maintain team motivation.


  • Ability to establish an overall master programme covering design and construction stages.
  • Effectiveness in managing that design, client approvals and construction documentation information flow, is timeous.
  • Overall effectiveness in delivery projects on time despite unforeseen circumstances.

Johan Hattingh, CEO of PMR.africa, says, “Profica’s consistently high results in these awards reflect the company’s dedication to excellence in all areas. Through the awards we want to acknowledge and set a benchmark for others to aspire to. Congratulations and well done to the Profica team!”

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