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Profica oversees the development of experience for an undersupplied hospitality market

Profica is proud to be the Project Managers for the Construction of the Tamarind Tree Suites, Hotel-style Apartments to be operated by the Tamarind Group, who are known for owning and operating some of Kenya’s best-known brands in the hospitality sector.

Under the oversight of Profica’s East Africa Regional Director, Kenneth Oigo, Tamarind Tree Suites is a luxurious addition to the market consisting of residential suites in the heart of Nairobi’s diplomatic area. Exceptional hotel-style facilities are available through ownership, investment or rental pool options aimed at business professionals. We at Profica are proud of the local teams that have been working with us to achieve the client’s vision of creating a “home-away-from-home” experience for an undersupplied market.

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